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COVID-19 and Business Interruption

In these uncertain times many clients are looking to their insurance policies for relief, particularly relief from the consequences of any financial interruption to their businesses.

When all seems lost, Mark can help you towards getting your business back on track by using his extensive experience to assist you to secure a payment from your insurers for business interruption losses caused by COVID-19 or anything else.

Policy Drafting, Review and Advice

Mark advises insured and insurers on all aspects of policy wordings, related documents such as proposal forms and endorsements, and legislation which may impact the meaning of those wordings and related documents.

Mark is experienced in drafting new policies from the ground up, whatever be the risk to be covered.  That experience extends to drafting particular clauses, consequential amendments, the whole policy and even policies drafted in foreign languages.  And we do it innovatively including the client in the process.  This invariably drives real ownership of the project.

Examples of the policies which he has drafted include D&O policies, Cyber and Employment Practice Liability policies. 


Policy Interpretation

The challenge may lie beyond the drafting of the policy wording and its related documents.  It may concern what the words used actually mean.

Mark frequently advises insured and insurers about the interpretation of a word, a clause or an entire section of a policy wording.  Mark is an expert in his understanding of Australian legislation on policy interpretation which, in some situations can be fundamental.  For many insured and even insurers these concepts and explanations can be illusive.  Mark's specialty is to cast those concepts and explanations into easy to understand language.

Cyber security and privacy are quickly becoming the most significant risks confronting today's insured.

Mark is not only experienced in drafting and interpretation of insurance policy in addressing those risks, he is experienced in the risk management services that can be deployed to either minimise the risk in the first instance or manage the risk once it has emerged.

Risk management is about doing everything necessary minimise the risk in the first instance.

This may involve a review of day to day operations to ensure that the proper processes are put in place to minimise the potential risks from eventuating.  Mark is experienced in providing guidance and advice to minimise potential risk.  He is also experience in guiding insured to ensure that they take steps to preserve their insurance policies and properly activate them.

Cybercrime & Privacy

Risk Management

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